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This bows are perfect for felt as they keep shape up. Also perfect for all those scraps we get from making large bows :)This template contains 2 sizes that makes 2 full bows!Bow Measurements :Small bow- length including tails - 1.5" and width - 1.5"
Bigger bow- length including tails - 2.5" and width - 2.5" 
This die is made for Sizzix Big Shot and its at your own risk! YOU ARE STRONGLY adviced to read our terms and conditions before you buy!
You must not post pictures of instructions or the Shape on Social Media!
Copyright 2018 - held by Maria Radvansky
The bow shape is registered in the UK with Intellectual Property Design Office and has qwn copyright! You MUST not manipulate this shape to any size.
You MUST NOT sell kits!You MUST NOT sell cut outs!You MUST NOT sell templates from this die and/or sell die cuts only READY MADE BOWS!MUST NOT BE USED FOR MASS PRODUCTION WITHOUT PERMISION TO DO SO!
Please note: wooden dies are going through extensive procedure. They may be a few scratches or chips but it never affects the full working order of the die!

1. Please store the dies safely away at all times when not using them!
2. Please DO NOT TOUCH the blade at any time
3. By purchasing the die you agree that the DIES MUST NOT be used by children and you must keep      dies always in the safe place! It is your own responsibility if you let your child to  use        and franchi.a.pipo is not responsible for any accident or death caused!!
Product Care
1.Our dies are custom made for Sizzix Big Shot machines. It is your own responsibility if you decide to use other brand die machines. Franchi.a.pipo will not be responsible for the damage to      the die. 2. Never leave the die sandwiched in the Big shot once you have finished using it as it will damage or break the die!3. It is your own responsibility to look after your die correctly !4. Please make sure you DO NOT forcefully push the die through the machine as it may damage     the die!!!!5. When using thicker fabric you are advised to source thinner cutting pads as it may damage the die and franchi.a.pipo will NOT hold responsibility for the damage!!! 
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