Crayon Bow 🖍 🎀 5in RTS

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Crayon Bow 🖍 🎀 5in RTS
Crayon Bow 🖍 🎀 5in RTS


This Die is AMAZING!!! You get a complete bow with tails and a bonus hair pin that also includes a mini hair bow for the center of the crayon. 

This die has been designed in house.

This die does come with quite a bit of items that require assembly.

You will have all pieces to complete the Crayon BOW, 5” finished bow 

ThiS die is approx. 14in x 6in ( same size as the trio)

extended pads/plates are recommended.


To prolong the life of your die we do encourage you...

**To only run one piece of fabric at a time. 

**Never leave your die "sandwhiched" between your machine this will blunt the blades.

Templates are prohibited  

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