3.5 Gift Bow Big Shot RTS

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3.5 Gift Bow Big Shot  RTS

This die will fit

big shot

big shot plus 

big shot pro 

4 strips of 8.5”

3 strips of 8”

2 strips of 7.5” 

1 center strip 3.5in 

This purchase comes with 2 dies... all cuts will require only ONE piece of A4 fabric.  

A different way to make the gift bow all strips... the holes will work with rivets if you’re using paper. Otherwise you’ll still have to glue and layer. This is for the 3.5 gift bow. This die is to save on fabric just keep in mind the strips will make it bulkier than the other design because you’re essentially layering many strips... pros about it is you can get all cuts with just  one sheet (tight fit)

Finished product is approximately 3.5”


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